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10 reasons to take up padel


There are many reasons for taking up padel… We give you 10 reasons here:

1. Padel courts are now available in many places. You can join the padel clubs or just simply ‘pay and play’.

2. Padel is for all. Everyone can play, young and old. It’s very easy to learn. You can get playing straight away.

3. A very complete sport. Padel helps you to get fit and stay fit. It helps your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

4. Equipment. You just need comfortable sports clothes and a bat /racquet. You can purchase one or rent it at the padel clubs.

5. Rapid improvement. In padel, players get better at the game probably faster than in many other sports. You can take lessons for even faster improvement.

6. Social game. It is generally played by four people. Lots of communication and fun!

7. Take up the challenge. Playing padel makes you take up new challenges to improve yourself.

8. Competition adrenaline. There are many tournaments and competitions to try out your competitive edge.

9. Eliminates stress. Playing padel switches you off from daily routine and helps you relax mentally, eliminating stress.

10. It’s great fun! Great way to have fun with family and friends. The best reason to take up padel.

Enjoy padel!!

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