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Irish Padel Tour – First stop Bangor NI

The Padel Federation of Ireland are delighted to launch the Irish Padel Tour, the new padel circuit for all padel players in Ireland. Website: www.irishpadeltour.ie  The website is still being built but information on all tournaments can be found there. The annual calendar for tournaments in 2019 is as follows: 23-24 February      […]



Great participation and even better atmosphere as players took to court to battle for the All Ireland Padel Championship. There were three different categories: beginners, intermediate and advanced level and all clubs were represented. There were 60 players involved in the finals and up to 300 players played the preliminary […]


Madison Dublin… Unbelievable success for padel in Ireland!

The Madison Dublin Open had nearly 160 participants and it is only second in numbers to the Sweeden Open around the world. Thanks to the Padel Federation of Ireland Team for all the commitment to spreading padel around the country… and a huge thanks for the new facility in Bushy […]


10 reasons to take up padel

There are many reasons for taking up padel… We give you 10 reasons here: 1. Padel courts are now available in many places. You can join the padel clubs or just simply ‘pay and play’. 2. Padel is for all. Everyone can play, young and old. It’s very easy to […]


Open Days and Clinics

  Open days and padel clinics are a great opportunity to get introduced to the sport of padel and find other people to play padel with. You can also arrange lessons for yourself or for your children or other family members. Experts in padel are there at hand to show […]


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016

Here at  Premier Padel we wish you all a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2016. Happy Padel! Premier Padel – Padel to the World


Adidas Padel Videos

Enjoy this padel video by Adidas, major sponsor for padel throughout the world.  

padel usa2

Padel in the USA

Do you know how to play padel? Enjoy this video coming from the USA.


Padel Courts Construction

The construction of a padel system is not rocket science, but expert advice is highly recommended here. There is still very little experience in English-speaking countries. The UK and Irish building laws, for example, make no exception even when dealing with expert padel court builders from Spain. Premier Padel has dealt with the […]


World Padel Tour

World Padel Tour… The professional side of padel! http://www.worldpadeltour.com/videos Enjoy the videos!